“I met Muriel 3 times because of my own stress and anxiety at work. I can honestly say our sessions have changed my life. The anxiety I used to feel has completely evaporated, I feel mentally lighter, more confident and more able to be me in every context of my life without fear of judgement or personal worry. I was uncertain of how much hypnosis could genuinely help me but I can say with absolute certainty this has been the most successful therapeutic intervention I have ever experienced and I would recommend, and have recommended already, Muriel without hesitation. Muriel, I cannot thank you enough, you really have made a huge difference to my life”.

A.L., North London


“I had been suffering from insomnia for more than 6 months when I found Muriel’s site. Before visiting Muriel, I had tried a range of approaches, including strict sleep hygiene, but nothing seemed to help. I was skeptical about cognitive hypnotherapy but was exhausted and desperate enough to try anything! Plus Muriel’s scientific background reassured me that her approach would be well researched. In my first session, Muriel helped me to realise the possible roots of my problem (which were not what I had assumed!) and gave me some tools to help me understand and change my thinking. In the second, she added a further tool that helped to distract me from worrying about sleep when I went to bed. The effect was extraordinary – I was sleeping much better within weeks and by my third session, I had returned to doing the fun things that I had been too tired to do for months. Work is much easier and I feel like I’m back on track!”

D.B., North London


“I went to see Muriel regarding some stress and anxiety which was affecting my quality of life”.

I was immediately put at ease at the initial free consultation, when we discussed various options.  She suggested that two or three sessions would probably be enough to help me – I said, ‘I thought I would need at least 10’!

Muriel provided me with techniques to address the anxiety, including a recording specifically for me to listen to.  In fact it only took three sessions for me to feel so much better. I was delighted with her help which resolved my issues with seemingly little effort from me but with a lot of effort from her.

Muriel is very conscientious, easy to get on with, and I would have no hesitation going back to her again if I needed to.  I would highly recommend her.”

J.S, North London


“I had 3 sessions with Muriel and I can honestly say that they have been some of the most life enhancing moments I have had the priviledge of experiencing. Muriel has a gentle approach, she takes her time and will carefully listen, her genuine care for what she does oozing from her. Yet, do not get mislaid, she is there to help you make that step, to support you in whatever change you want to make and she will skillfully use a combination of ruthless compassion and a very sound knowledge of her field to make sure you don’t let yourself off the hook. Her clear integrity, passion for what she does and total commitment to helping others is obvious and infectious. You don’t often meet people who have all these qualities and even less often people who can remain completely humble, curious, open minded and candid while blessed with all those talents. That magic combination is rare and if you get a chance to experience it, I would very strongly recommend you take it wholeheartedly.  To anyone wanting to make a lasting change in their life, go a see for yourself, you may very well find you have changed your life forever.”
V.W., North London

“I had tried to stop biting and picking at my nails a few times before, but given that I’m now in my mid-forties, I was resigned to never being able to have lovely hands and nails. Through the cognitive hypnotherapy sessions with Muriel, she gave me some ‘tools’ I could use to help me stop. I haven’t bitten or picked at my nails for nearly four weeks now, which is amazing. It gives me confidence, and I no longer try to hide my hands when I’m with people. I’m even thinking of having a manicure soon (something I’ve never done before). I really couldn’t have achieved this without Muriel’s help and support. Thank you”.
K.,  North London

“I was eating large amounts of junk food and wanted to lose weight when I met Muriel. She offered me a new approach to regain control of my bad eating habits. Muriel has been great throughout the process. Hypnotherapy was new to me so she took the time to explain it to me. She made me feel relaxed and at ease. After only two sessions I was eating healthy food again without effort and I can already see the results on the scales!”
E.B., Mum of 2 young children in North London.

“My daughter had long suffered from claustrophobia when I contacted Muriel. At first, my daughter was hesitant, believing she couldn’t be cured. However, Muriel’s sensitive and down to earth approach has enabled her to tackle the problem successfully. Her hypnotherapy has even worked on improving my son’s handwriting!”
J. M., North London

Massive thanks for the session. I’ve had 3 amazing days. It really is liberating to only eat if i’m truly enjoying it still. It feel like such a clearer gauge to me of when it’s right to stop eating than feeling full ever was. My weight has dropped 3 and a half lbs. I’d be skeptical as to whether this fast weight loss would continue/ stay off had i lost it in a constrictive way but i feel like i’ve had plenty of treats and plenty of food. I’m feeling very positive and my stomach’s already flatter from eating small portions and I’m not feeling like I’m going to sabotage it all. This day, the 4th day of any new eating plan is where it usually messes up so we’ll see, but I’m optimistic this time!

E.H., North London

I had been quite an accomplished skier for some years before suddenly getting a feeling of weakness in my legs and arms as a result of a virus causing nerve damage. Whist I knew that if I worked hard to keep the muscles exercised I could possibly ski again one day, the worry that I might fall was great enough to stop me wanting to try again. Even on a relatively shallow slope, I found I was terrified. The phobia had taken over my life and every day I thought of what was wrong with me rather than what I could achieve. I visited Muriel and we talked about the problem, and later she sent me a recording to listen to. I am pleased to say that I have just returned from a ski holiday almost 2 months after I saw her, and as a result not only was I able to ski a black run once again, but she has also enabled me not to let the original problem stay at the forefront of my life. By not concentrating on it my life has begun to seem more positive, and has more purpose.
R.T., North London