Specialising insomnia, stress, anxiety, fertility and smoking cessation

Are anxiety and stress dominating your life? Is it affecting your ability to build your life the way you want it to be? Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep? Is it impacting your confidence or do you see yourself as an imposter at work? Are you finding it hard to stop smoking or get pregnant?

I work mostly with people who want to drastically reduce the impact stress and anxiety have on their life. People who want to get their life back, rather than live by their anxiety/imposter syndrome/insomnia rules that do not work.


Stress and anxiety can play an important part in keeping us safe. However, some people are hijacked by this and are, as a result, stuck in their past or excessively worried about their future (or that of a loved one). Be it with imposter syndrome or overwhelming imagination impacting negatively on their enjoyment of life.

Commonly, people are encouraged to push away their worrying thoughts and told to relax. This is easier said than done and can even lead to anxiety becoming exacerbated.


Moreover, anxiety can lead to panic attacks when people get too far from their comfort zone, which in turn can lead to a significant reduction in activities.


The video below explains what Cognitive Hypnotherapy (Quest trained) is about.


I offer professional help designed around your strengths and needs to help you reach the permanent solution you want.

Much of our behaviour is directed by our unconscious. Because Cognitive Hypnotherapy works on the unconscious, it is the perfect tool to help you make the lasting changes that you seek in just a few sessions.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is different from Clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy which tend to focus on the problems people experience (smoking, anxiety, lack of confidence, etc.). I take into account both the situation you come to me with and what your optimum solution is. My approach is powerful because I continuously adapt to my clients. The symptoms people arrive with are often almost irrelevant. It is much more relevant to find out why someone is having a certain type of behaviour or thought. Two people coming to see me with the same problem are likely to need totally different approaches of therapy, so I adjust the techniques I use to suit the person I am working with and guide them towards their chosen solution state. I do not expect my client to adapt to my techniques.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis. You remain in control throughout the session. My clients often comment on how much better they feel at the end of the session, feeling free, being able to breathe properly, and experiencing empowerment.

My background as a neuroscientist allows me to clearly understand the mind-body connection and therefore successfully help people help themselves. Indeed, hypnotherapy was singled out by Which? as being the complementary therapy supported by the most scientific research (The Which? Guide to Complementary Therapy, 2002).

What can you expect from booking with me?

  • a treatment plan which is individually tailored to you and your needs.
  • A three-month programme during which you have my full attention (I only work with 6 people at a time). This gives us time to make the changes and consolidate your progress.
  • my full ethical non-judgemental attention and use of my experience and knowledge to understand the specificity of your needs. I am a fully qualified and insured cognitive hypnotherapist.
  • a safe experience of hypnotherapy where you remain in control of what happens at all times and responsible for your progress (I go at your speed in the direction you wish to take)
  • brief therapy
  • tailored recording(s) to guide you to further progress in between sessions (if appropriate)
  • WhatsApp support in between sessions

Are you ready to change? If you would like to find out how I can help you, call or email me for a free 20 to 30-minute consultation or book one using the button underneath my picture on the right.

I am based in East Finchley (North London, near Muswell Hill) and online via Zoom.

photo of Muriel Bouvier, stress and anxiety specialist

Muriel Bouvier Cognitive Hypnotherapist in East Finchley & online. Book a no-obligation consultation either by phone or in person, or get in touch on 020 8374 4468 or 07903 251 636. You can also email me through the “Contact Me” page and I shall reply as soon as possible.